Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle and Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje To Teach & To Fight – Pekiti-Tirsia Trainers training

From present to future...

Those many national and international inquiries that we receive prove that Pekiti-Tirsia has established a good reputation as an applicable system for combat with or without weapons. Of course we are happy about that but with all happiness we don't want to rest on our laurels but we direct our view onto the future.

The future of the Pekiti-Tirsia system depends in the bottom line on the quality of the active trainers and instructors. Because we are aware of that and because we want to uphold the quality of the system for the future, we demand from our trainers the ability to fight with confidence, good judgement and technically sound and that they can teach this in turn to their students so that they in turn can learn effective combat skills without injury. To ensure that we have a special commitment for the education and advancement of our trainers.

To Teach & To Fight – Pekiti-Tirsia instructor training

That is the title of our advanced training workshops that are arranged several times a year for Pekiti-Tirsia instructors and instructor candidates. As the title implies the topic of this gatherings is that the Pekiti-Tirsia trainers and instructors get to comprehend the “do's and don'ts” of trainerhood by practical experience, and that the trainers can explore the Pekiti-Tirsia methods in free fighting, so that they can understand the why and what for – the essential keys for a meaningful use of the training methods – by their own fight experience.

Especially if it comes to combat with or against weaponry purposeful and practical applicable training can only result from a thorough understanding of the context. Therefore in a weapons based art it is of utmost importance that a trainer understand the reality of weapons and the logic of training from personal experience, because theory or exercise are only relevant, when they can be experienced in practical situations. The «To teach & To Fight» Workshops offer an important contribution to that.

Practical by tradition

With the «To Teach & To Fight»-Workshops and of course with our gatherings from the fighter league (most of our Pekiti-Tirsia trainers are active in the fighter league) we follow the best tradition of Pekiti-Tirsia. Pekiti-Tirsia is today such a practical and realistic system, because Grandtuhon and his predecessors verified the system again and again in real life situations and challenge fights and after that verification the system has been further refined based on the post situation evaluation. Grandtuhon says, Pekiti-Tirsia has been developed and tested in the "Laboratory of Pain“.

This 'laboratory' is still active today in the Philippines and Europe – maybe more active then ever. Because not only our instructors are testing Pekiti-Tirsia on a regular basis in friendly no rules encounters, but there are for example military commando units and anti-terrorist groups which are training for close quarter combat based on Pekiti-Tirsia, that provide with their mission debriefing valuable real life validation and impulses for further sophistication of the system. We also are in contact with professionals from the civilian sector like for example police units from different countries, correctional service officers, personal security, air port security, emergency physicians, nursing stuff in psychiatric facilities etc. All those are persons, who by their profession are repeatedly in need to use their Pekiti-Tirsia training in real life situations to protect themselves and others and those people are helping us with their situation feedback to formulate the system even more up-to-date and applicable.

In real life consistently valuable

What consistently proves to be very valuable when evaluating those collected real life feedbacks is, that Pekiti-Tirsia teaches along with reality proven combat methods a survivors attitude – the Pekiti-Tirsia philosophy of life, success and good health.

Author: Uli Weidle, October 2003


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